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So its been a little over due but I have finally done a deep clean of my makeup brushes. This is an important duty for all aspiring makeup artists, as this keeps brushes clean from bacteria and dirt which if not done can be transfered from person to person. You can, which I do is clean the brushes with a brush cleaner after each use as this can help give the brushes a quick clean if you cannot deep clean brushes between uses. There are many makes of brush cleaner such as MAC, but i like to use the No. 7 brush cleaner as its cheaper.

So once a month I deep clean my most used brushes. The process for me took just over an hour, the larger thicker brushes do take a lot more time as they can hold more product. Also if they look clean they might not actually be clean as product can hide deep in the brush fibers. So if you use them be sure to clean them!

What you need is; a small plate
                                Olive oil
                                 Washing up liquid
The use of the washing up liquid is to break down product and clean the bacteria and dirt out of the brush. The use of oil helps to condition the brush fibes as cleaning them alone can shorten the life of the brush and can damage the fibers. So always use oil as well as washing liquid, I useolive oil just because it was the only one I had avalible. Pore some oil and washing liquid on the plate next to eachother. Take a dirty brush and swirl it into the two liquids, using your had or a special brush cleaning mit, swirl the brush in a circular motion. You will see the makeup products come out of the brush. Keep a warm tap running, not hot or cold but warm, this helps rise the brush and mit/hand. Repeat this process till the brush runs clear of product and soap.

Once clean leave on a towl and wait to dry. Natural brushes are much more easier to clean as the act similar to your own hair. Where as synthetic brushes can be harder to swirl and can hold the soap a bit more, so always ensure your brushes are completely clean.

Stay tuned

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  1. You have quite an impressive collection of brushes! Do you like the real techniques line?

    1. Yeah love them have soo many, soo affordable and some of the best there is in the drugstore x