Up and coming in 2014

So we have reached 2014 and whats coming for this year? Well hopefully some more videos on my youtube pages more makeup rather then tags hehe. But a lot more blogging as my camera has gone away for a bit lol. To start with I am attending IMATS in london in june so that should be fun, lots of more makeup hehe. I am also going to be doing the instergram january photo challenge by xameliax this will be on my blogging intergram (sparklebarbie1000) yes the same as youtube and my blog hehe. On my personal instergram (princess_jessika92) I am doing the photo a day challenge which is just a photo a day so 365 photos till 2015 hehe.
Im hoping to do a few more reviews especially with stuff I got for christmas and hopefully give you an insight into my wedding plans, saving plans and house hunting.

I hope you all had a great christmas and new year
Hope to see you more in 2014


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