Makeup Brushes ♡♡~ Travel Edition

As I travel around alot I always get some questions from people I meet about what makeup and tools I take with me and essentially are my key pieces in my kit.

With every new starter to makeup brushes they will need these essentials, so you don't need anyother brushes if you dont feel like you need to (personal choice).

As my skin is oily I always use powder so a powder brush is essentiak for me, but if you have dry skin you may choose not to use powder in which case you can use the powder brush for bronzer application. A foundation brush is a must as having makeup in ur nails isn't attractive, I use a buffing brush as it is a roynd top brush and is fairly dense. You can also use flat foundation brushes, stippling brushes or beauty blenders depending on the foundation being used. I carry all of these as I alway travel with a couple if foundation choices. I also take with me a contor brush and thick fan brush for applying a defined contor, this is not a must if you are not comfortable with contoring. To apply my blush I use a tapered stippling brush with long bristles as it helps blend the colour on the apples of the cheeks and outwards to create a natural look. I also carry a setting brush for powdering my concealer under my eyes and I use a small foundation brush to apply highlight to the cheek bones. For my brows I always carry a spoolie to help manage and brush my hairs, as well a scissors and tweezers to control unruly hairs. As I usually wear eye makeup I always carry a few opptions of eyeshadow brush. I will always carry two eyeshadow base brushes, a crease brush, smudge brush and a pixle point eyeliner brush. This helps to create any eye look wanted with products taken in my kit. Althought, I take the essential eye brushes I always take spares for more intricate eye looks and I can help if you habe no time to cleane the brushes when you are in the move.

The brushes that I am currently carrying in my tools bag are;

Real techniques: Powder brush, Accent brush, Base shadow brush, Shading brush, Pixel point eyeliner brush, Deluxe crease brush, Pointed foundation brush, Buffing brush, Detailer brush, Setting brush, Contour brush, Beauty blending spounge

Mac 187

Ecotools: Long kabuki, Blend brush, Highlight brush, Shade brush, Smudge brush, Crease brush(angled)

Ted baker: Crease brush (angled), Shadow base brush, Smudge brush

Louise young ly20 large thick fan brush

Bodyshop shadow base brush

Boots retractable lip brush

Maybelline gel liner brush

Models own eyelash curlers

Stippling brush (amazon)

Spoolie eye brow brush (amazon set)

These are just tools are take with me when travelling,  my home brushes and kit brushes are more diverse and there are multiples of choices. But that is just my personal choice, as different brushes can give a different finish, thought hese are some of the brushes needed to start you you brush collection. For first time users I really do suggest paying a little bit more and purchasing the real technique brushes, models own brushes or the ecotools brushes. These brushes are affordable and really good quality as the cheap one do have fall out and the hairs are very tough and scrachy on the skin so if you have sensitive skin they can irritate it. 

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