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So I finally got my hands on the Lime Crime opaque lipstick, Babette. It was on the pricey side costing £13 +£7 pp(approx) and it was a christmas prezzy from my fiancee, which wasn't supposed to turn up till after christmas but turned up on christmas eve which I was sooo excited about.

First things first what you frist see of this amazing lipstick is the packaging, candy/pastal purple with a holographic unicorn on it, who doesn't love unicorns hehe x When you take the lip stick out of the box you are hit with the same candy/pastal purple with another holographic unicorn one side and a holographic lime crime on the other. The case reminds me of the sleek sophisticated design of mac lipsticks just slightly thicker and purple.

The lipstick itself is beautiful, the consistancy of the lipstick is soft and creamy and very pigmented; one stroke and you're done. The lipstick has the same distinctive vanilla scent as mac lipsticks have. The colour is a peachy pink great for all skin types though if you don't like bright bold lips you can tone it down by dabbing it on the lips lightly on top of mac hip n happy lip liner and for a bit more of a glossy look add a little lip gloss with a lip brush. The lip brush will help the colours blend easier.

The only down falls I have found are that when the lipstick got too warm the stick would be too soft and the very tip of mine moved off (you may be able to see in picture). Apart from the lipstick itself the only other thing was that the post and packaging did cost a fair amount and if I don't buy a load of colours together I will have to pay the high post and packaging each time. With that said I am saving to purchase a few more shades (the more wearable shades) as I really want to try poisonberry as I havent found the right purple red lipstick, and Lime Crime have a large range of pinks which I really want to try.

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