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Eyebrow Raising!

So I have used a few products to help fill in and shape my brows, as well as using the must have tools to help the hairs become manageable.  Some of the product I have used are as follows:
•MAC proliner in Duck
•Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium
•Benefit Browzings in Light
•BeautyUK High Brow
•Soap and Glory Archery in Light/Medium
•Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown
•MAC single shadow in Brun

MAC proliner and shadow are some good choices though the liner can be tricky to start with as you can over do it with the product and make the eye brows obviously drawn on and dark. The shadow has become handy to fill in the brows with out causing the brows to look too fake and the hairs still stand out. However, with all brow products I do recommend a clear or coloured brow gel as it helps keep the stray hairs in place. These products are multi purpose which means you can use them on your eyes as well as eyebrows, which is good as they are not drug store priced and for beginners there is no need to waste money.

Benefit Gimme Brow and Browzings are good for an all there set, I personally use Gimme Brow as a brow gel to help set the hairs in place it is coloured so it does help fill in the gaps if you have thicker or small barely visable gaps in the brow. The Gimme Brow is a small tube which the product is applied to the brow using a small spooly similar to a mascara wand, which is brushed through the hairs. The Browzings set has a light brown coloured powder, dark coloured wax, two mini brushes and a mini tweezer. The idea is that the wax is used to help set the brows into the shape you want and the powder can help fill in the gaps. Although the wax can be very hard to use on the brows as it can be harder and tacky, it also can flatten the hairs down so they are less visable and natural. The down side to this product is the fact that the wax is a much darker colour than the powder even though the product is in light. The price range is still higher than drug store prices but there are alternatives to the Browzings to save some money.

BeautyUk High Brow is the Superdrug equivalent to the Benefit Browzings, and the price is only £4 bargain! As well as the price, they also offer two other coloured powder and a clear wax. I have used this kit more than the Browzings as I find the colours more easily match my brows and the wax is better as it doesn't add any more colour to the brows, it does come with two mini brushes and mini tweezers but the tweezers are not the best as they can't seem to grab the hairs very well. The only down side to this product is the fact that it doesn't come with a mirror to check your brows on the move, but for such a cheap price you can't really complain.

The Maybelline Brow Drama is a similar product to the Benefit Gimme Brow, although the brush is much more bigger and very similar to a mascara wand. The colours they have avalible is a little disappointing as I couldn't find my shade and had to stick with a darker shade. The product is easy to apply as it is just brushed though the brow hairs, however, unlike the Gimme Brow the formula is very very wet and does take a bit of time to dry. As well as being very wet, because the brush is so big a lot of product can end up on the skin and fair hairs around the brows which can make the brows look messy. For a drugstore brow product I wouldn't suggest to go for this one as the product can be hard to work with and is not very quick if you are in a hurry.

Finally, Soap and Glorys Archery has to be one of the most unique brow products I have used. At one end it is a retractable pencile like the MAC liner, which is great for filling in the brow. But on the other end is a pen brush which tints the hairs and also helps to create defined lines to shape the brow. I prefer to use this end to lengthen the end of my eyebrow as it is a little short to where it should go. I prefer to use that end as it tints the fair hairs that are there and it also matches my eyebrow colour and the pencile is a little light and looks drwn on when I use it. With the pen the tint will stay on all day and is pretty waterproof as well as I usually have to clean it a couple of times before the tint is off. This is good as if you work is a very sweaty environment or you are at a beach the brows will stay on as well as other waterproof makeup. This ability is very unique for a makeup product for brows as most brow products are a liquid (similar to mascara) or are powders which do come off easy. This product is on the pricey side of drugstore at £11 but it is worth the money and a unique product for anyone developing the way the do their brows.

Hopefully I will be getting the HD Brow kit to do a first impression and love it or leave it. And remember, brows dont have to match they are not twins so dont be anoyed if they dont look symetrical/mirror images of eachother rock the natural brows, and be unique.

Till next time stay tuned

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