Ahhhh Christmas

Ahhh so its offically 1 week untill christmas and so the madness begins. The last minute rush of presents and food. Now i thought I had finished all my shopping but no still a little more to get. But heres where some useful info comes in. Now there never seems to be a lot of mens gifts in shops so I cant help there but I have picked up a couple of nivia for men gift sets from tesco both under £10 wich is great for a well kept man. For the child like man in your life I picked up some amazing Brian Griffin slippers from primark only £12 and a great gift. As my partner has got the new playstation 4 I didnt need 2 buy ne thing spectacular so a lynx gift set is great and again under £10 thought this set is different as it has an antipersprint as well as body wash and spray which my partner prefers lol.

Now for the woman in your life. For a really girly girl there are a lot of perfume sets out there at the moment try to get the ones that are in the deals as you can get a full size perfume with extras for cheaper then an actual bottle of perfume.  At the moment the hugo boss orange for women gift set is £29.50 and includes a 50ml bottle of purfume which is great value (form boots). There are also great bath sets selling in Sainsburys under £10 for a more class gift for mums, aunts, sisters and nans. But if you are buying for a really girly girl there are a few makeup gifts worth getting and some not worth the money.

In boots they are selling a set of double end makeup brushes for £16 and I would steer clear, its a tempting gift but it is best to spend the money on some real technique brushes as they are more high end quality for a decent price. The boots set are very synthetic and there is a lot of fall out which no one likes so steer clear. There are also some sets from seventeen which are really pigmented and there is a lot of product in them. However, there is a large set and a travel set and I would only recommend 1 rather then both as they both have the same colours in though the large look book has a few more shades in all of the colours are shimmery. There is also a no7 travel set which is in a puple faux lether case this is more of a nutral palette though they are some shimmer colours. However, there is a lot of fall out in colour so be careful when applying.

All in all there is still a few days left to get those last minute gifts for your loved 1s and think a little outside the box as what may be in the christmas section may not be as good or as purse friendly as regular goods.

So happy christmas and have a great time


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