Worse Day Ever

Omg so my day has pretty much been crap and it all started at my new wakeup time.

Right so ive dyed my hair and its freeken purple which is nice on my roots not so great on the dip dyed bits of may hair which is a light purple and it still had that hair dye smell to it. So me being me sprayed deoderant over it and got some in my eye. NOT COOL!!

Now if you get deodorant/antipersprint in your eye you need to rinse it out pronto as you immediately feel it drying on your eye. So I spent half an hour rinsing my eye out with warm water and looked like I had a heavy night but in just 1 eye lol. And spending half hour rinsing I had no time to do my makeup and I was running late.

So ugly face to work and only a slice of toast for breaky. Once at work I go and bloody bite a chunk out my lip, nice :(
While I was working I got told that I have to stay working were I am for 2weeks boo so my back is painful and my arms can hardly move. To top it off sarcy comments don't help my mood.

Now im sitting in the cold waiting to go home hoping and praying my day is getting better.

Stay tuned just incase it doesn't

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