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Yes I know this is late and I am soo sorry just been soo busy since I came back I haven't even finished unpacking everything, but with that said I will start.

First the basics, my holiday cost me £2800 pp (4 of us went) and I took with approx. $1400. I didn't pay for alot of the meals out or much on food so i can't really tell you how much that cost but it was on average $50 per meal (for all 4 of us). Most of the holiday activities were paid for before we went out there, this is a good idea as you can have all the tickets and info before you get out there and usually you beat the que :) .

Right, we fly from heathrow airport with virgin atlantic paid the extra for premium economy and let me tell you it was well worth the money. No paying extra for drinks or food day flight had drinks every hour and some alcohol through the journey, and it was needed as the flight was 11 hrs. We arrived in Los Angeles International Airport at 3pm US time. We got the shuttle bus to the car lot and picked up a blue ford 4x4 with a much needed satnav, we had rented an apartment for the 2 weeks which was bout half hour/hour from the airport in Beverly Hills.

13th Oct. we had our very first outing to Universal Studios Hollywood :) and it was amazing. went on the studio tour and got to hear my fav part that Jurassic Park 4: Jurassic World is out in 2015 YAY!!! Krustyland was good but it is exactly the same ride as the one in Florida, took us a while to figure out how to get to the back lot but once we were down there we couldn't resist to meet Megatron and Optumus Prime hehe GEEK! Went on the Transformers ride similar to the Harry Potter Hogwarts ride in Florida. Went to see the Dilorian as well as a few costumes used in Fast and Furious films and Les Miserables.  Went on my fav ride of all time Jurassic Park the Ride, which is a water ride where you see dinosaurs and similar scenes out of the movie. There are differences to the Hollywood ride compared to the Orlando 1. After just a lil wet had to buy a tee with the Jurassic Park logo on it hehe and off to the Mummy ride we go. Now this isnt that great when you compare it to the Orlando 1, though in comparison that are deffinatly different to each other. The Orlando 1 looks more like a scene out of the movie where as the Hollywood 1 is very old and a little childish, deffo needs updating. At this point in the day the park was starting to colse up ready for the halloween horror night which was walking dead this year. So we headed to Tonie Romas in the City Walk and had dinna. As well as a quick shop in the Its Sugar store picked me up some of those 2 half pound reeses peanut butter cups hehe.

Day 3: This was the day to shop till we dropped but in reality not much was bought. We headed to the Premium Outlet in Camerillo, which we got lost finding, as the website address has a mistake and really needs to be changed. While we were here we headed straight to the food court for sum sandwiches, not like a UK sarnnie but with meat and veg in a beget with the meat being cooked with gravey so nice with fresh strawberry lemonade with real strawberries :P So fuled up and ready to spend so where to go first UGG Australia. Now I wanted to buy UGG boots as they are cheaper in the US with coversion rate but I just didnt like them. See I like the ones with flatish bottoms not the snow boit types and they had none and whenbi said I would get a pair in a diff colour to the ones I owned that didnt have my size in the colour I wanted typical. So reebox where they had a mini competition to win a gift card with upto $100 woo so we did it and my fiancée's dad won and he won...$10 lol so he bought himself 2 pairs of trainners instead of just 1 so yay for winning. Went into a perfume shop and bought myself the Angle perfume in the star bottle, love thatvstuff wantedbit since I went to Paris. Went into Levis, Guess, Calvin Kline, Nike, Addidas, Aldo and still nothing grabbed me did however, go into a chocolate shop and came out with some blocks of peanut butter choc thing and a mint oreo thing they were scrummy. Finally went into Journey and found a classic pair of tall UGGs with the bottoms I like and that was $205 well spent hehe x

Day 4: Oh yeah road trip to Las Vegas biatches ;) took 4 hours but made it to the Las Vegas strip to our hotel The Mirage. Well omg Vegas wasn't what I expected during the day but once we settled in the hotel and had dinner the whole place came alive. So what more do you do in the bright light city then take a walk to see the Bellagio fountains with a detor to Caesers Palace shopping forum. And let me tell you that place is huge, after picking up my jaw from the ground I headed up to the most wanted shop of my whole trip Sephora!!! So I was browsing through the makeup and picked my seof up the Makeup Forever HD makeup set with a full size foundation and a Tart Amazonian Clay powder. I know I know its doesnt sound a lot and I really do wish I bout more I was looking at the Anastasia brow pencil and Kat Von Dee tatoo foundation but I just didnt pick them up gutted. Well I made my self feel happier with a trip to MAC where I bout some concealer, eye shadow, blotting powder and a minseralise skin finish in gold soul or something like that. From here we went onward to watch the spectacilular Bellagio fountain amazing.

Day 5: So we had a bit of an earlie start as we were heading to The Grand Canyon yay. So we were picked up by limo to the sundance helicopter site ready for our heli ride to the Skywalk wow. The chopper ride was great managed to see Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before going over a ridge to be met with the amazing view of the Grand Canyon. Once landed it was straigt to the skywalk by van and as we paid extra we got front of the line passes and a personal photographer oooo. Now you can't take anything with you when you go on the Skywalk as the glass could scratch or you could drop something eo that lil extra helped get us memories we'll be able to look back on. Once round and got our photos, we got 4 free as there was 4 of us lol we had literaly 10 mins to take our own photos go to the loo and even a few bit of video. Well we couldn't do all that so we did get a bit told off for being late. The flight back wasn't as great as the flight there as we didn't go over anything with great meaning and I think the flight back was quicker. We did however get to go over Las Vegas which was great to see the hotels from above hehe. Once landed our limo took us to the Las Vegas sign which was a classic which the blue sky and hotels in the background Viva Las Vegas it was. Back at the Mirage we went to the Secreat Garden and Dolphin Exhibit, now its very small its not like ull spend hours there 30 mins tops but you do get to see white lons, white tigers, leopards and of course dolphins. Well by this time your thinking what about eating well we didnt eat till dinna so we decided to dress fancy and get a taxi to the Hard Rock Cafe the one on the strip. Was so much fun our waiter was hilarious and just made the night that bit more enjoyable, not to metion my amazing killer dress and shoes hehe x As this was our last night in Vegas we had to make use of it so it was a rush back to the Mirage for the volcano display then off to Treasure Island to see the pirate show which was a oot of women in skimpy outfits hehe. I really wanted to see the Venician all lite up  so that was another photo opportunity.

Day 6: No earlie startes today buffet breakfast and a last minute packing ready to check out of our hotel. Once checked out we went to visit M&M world on vegas strip. And wow I dif have 2 buy some m&ms from the worlds largest wall of m&ms lol. It was amazing and smelled of chocolate the whole time lol. Straight on to Hooters from here to buy some hooters tees lol I bout 4 in total one of the offical work wear 1s in black hehe. At this point we decided tlit was best to start making our way bck to LA x

Day 7: Our first and only lazy day and my oh my how boring it was the only great part was had loads of munch and went for a v. fancy meal in beverly hills x Though word from the wise dont order ravioli as in US it means 5-11 bits of ravioli compaed to the loads that im used to in the UK.

Day 8: Woop woop  six flags magic mountain well it was supposed to be good but ended up as a real dissapointment. 14 big rides and managed only 3 got there at 11 n left at 10 was soo crowded n the organisation was appalling and I thought UK theme parks were bad. 3 hour que with maddness at the end just no one organising the que in lanes it was a disaster not to metion a 45 minute wait to order food for lunch. Though I have to say the halloween horror night was free and a real experience halloween is so much better out there. We did have to try an ihop on the way home for dinna and omg only wanted a small burger this thing was enormous lol but worth it hehe x

Day 9: Off to San Diago Zoo. Was great fun didn't realise how big a park it was we did miss the tigers and monkeys and gorillas but ive seen thoses here in the UK. So it was a must to see the pandas, polar bears and bears hehe. As well as everything else my must see was the hummingbirds as im a sucker for them. I even managed to get a couple of oics of one hovering lol. Had to do the reptial section for my other half and he enjoyed it fully lol. We took the skyride to the other side of the park which I suggest as its 1 long ass walk from 1 end to the other. But don't expect to be able to take any birds eye view of animals as you go too fast to take a decent pic and there isn't any animals really to see unless your lucky enought to spot a gazelle/antelope you won't see a thing. The polar bears were amazing even if they were a lil tyred. And word is on the grape vine the female could be pregnant. We found ourselves in another que when we wanted to see the pandas. But it was worth the wait they were beautiful. And the lil baby even gave mama a hug awwww. It was interesting to learn that china own all pandas over the world and the 1s born in captivity once a baby reaches 5yrs it goes back to china to either be a breeder or starts its rehibilitation back into the wild cool huh. The park was supposed to shut at 5 but we managed to find the bears and stay an extra 30 mins before we got caught hehe.

Day 10: And the start of our 6hr journey to San Francisco woop woop. On the way we stopped off at Carles Jr for a ice crream sandwhich. Omg who ever though of icecream between poptart was a genius thank u Carles Jr. Finally there was light at the end of the tunnel or fog at the end of the road lol. San Francisco was pretty with the fog behind the buildings but bloody cold lol. Compared to LA it was freezin not as cold as back home but still chilly. And be warned when you get into San Fran the GPS went spaco, just couldn't find our location but we found our hotel in the end lol. Hotel del sol is one of the few hotels with free off road parking and man we needed it. And everything was just in walking distance so didn't need the car. When we dropped our stuff off we went to find a resturant for dinner and a little nose around. Found a sephora and a benefit lol and a bar resturant which was great, food was amazing and had a thing of sweet potato fries soo yummy x

Day 11: time to sight see lol. So we started the day with a hearty breaky I had poached eggs which canadian beacon on a muffin with hollandaise sauce yum. So we had this little map and it wasn't as helpful as we hoped we actually found someone that took us in the right direction for fisherman's warlf. Once we got there it was straight to see the sea lions and omg aren't they loud. And what flies go riund them they are like house flies for sealions ewww lol. Once we got loads of pics and video of the sea lions it was straight to the aquarium for our San Francisco city pass. The aquarium was great but did feel just too small for my liking but I did get 2 see other types of jelly fish and got to touch a sea slug ewwww. We then headed to the boat dock to catch our boat around the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. And it was feeezing, alcatraz was easy to see but the bridge forget about it. It wasn't until we got under it one side was out of the fog with blue sky but the otherside was thick with fog. And a dress is not the best thing to wear on a boat trip I was so lucky I was wearing thermal leggins as my dress was more up in the air then it was down lol. After almost catchin neumonia we headed for the cable car to china town. Wow it was like going from US to china so amazing and a weird contrast of womens gidts and clothes to weapons and carvings. I had to buy myself a lil lipstick holder as it was the cutest thing I have ever seen hehe. Leaving china town we went to union square and was a bit disappointed it was not what I was expecting at all. From there it was back to fishermans warlf. On our way to dinner we went into walgreens where I picked up some elf stuff and we had to have a look in its sugar where my other half had to have the full size talking ted bear lol. We had an amazing dinner in this fish resturant lil on pier 39 was so yummy and the fish was fresh and the cocktails were strong I had the fishermans fog and would recommend to any1 going there. Now we were incredibly cold we headed back to the hotel.

Day 12: And its time to say goodbye to san Francisco but not before a french toast breaky and a but of shopping in sephora and benefit. Was great but was a lil cold we only went an hour away from san Francisco and the temp shot up by 20 degrees lovely so we headed to sacramento. The only reason we went was to go to jim dennys I really wanted the man v food hubcap pancake but we missed breakfast so we had a burger instead but it was an amazing experience so homely and the service was amazing felt so welcoming. Lunch done we headed bck to LA but we had to stop at ihop for dinna yummy pancakes x

Day 13: Its time to walk the walk of fame woo. Saw so many stars on the walk but a lot I didnt know but the 1s I did I took photos and even say the hand and foot prints which was lucky as after a hollywood tour it was closed off for a award ceremony ooo. But on our hollywood tour we saw famous homes even when down rodeo drive which my phone deleted my rodeo pics boo. But I had such a great time seeing the homes and shops even though we had seen some of the homes before anyway lol.

Day 14: Beach beach beach. Finally we are heading to the beach main priority muscle beach for my partner which he loved lol. But I was disappointed it was a bit of a sht heap like not what I was expecting and the toilets, I wish I waited till we got to santa monica beach as they were nicer it was disgusting never again. We also went to find golds gym where we bout some tees lol. My other half wanted a jacket from universal so we headed up there but missed the last entrance so instead we had some dinner in wolfgang sumthing it was really nice. But it was decided that universal would have 2 be our trip on the way home before the airport.

Day 15: Home today booo. And it is the hottest day, not only that im in clothes for cold britan and I have to walk around universal studios for a leather jacket. I looked so outta place it was unreal. Did finally find the jacket and I bought a last minute gift an isotopes ball from krustyland yay. Once we got to the airport and went to check in we had to change seats as they were wrong again. Once the seats were done as we arrived 4 hours befor the flight we were told we'd have to wait another 4 and hlf hours on top as our flight was delayed. We did get money for food but the whole waiting in the airport and flight gave me such bad jetlag. So once we got home sleep was hard and took bout 3 weeks to sort out.

But all in all I had such a great time I just wish we were there longer and we had more time in las vegas but we will be going again not sure when but we will go hehe.
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