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Since begining of this year I started to use Benefits They're so real mascara which I did see a huge difference from the mascaras I was using my eye lashes looked like I had extensions as they were so long but the mascara isnt cheap. The pice for the benefit mascara is  close to £20 so it was my mission to find a cheaper alternative with the same results and I found it.

Revlon photoready 3d volume mascara. This mascara is about £10 and I luv it, it gives my eyelashes extream length. People have commented on my eyelashes asking if ive had extensions put in. Most people cannot believe that all it is, is the mascara im using. The down side tomthe mascara is that the formula is a little watery but it has dryed out a little bit but it is more liquidy then the benefit mascara.

But the wand is similar between the two so if you cant keep buying the benefit mascara save money and buy the revlon one it really does do what it says. Though if your looking for a mascara that gives you volume rather than length this mascara will not give you this but paired with one of the maybelline mascaras such as the volum express mega pluch mascara will give both length and volume.

Hope you like and I will be doing a vlog and blog soon of my travel makeup bag and a few reviews on some higher end cosmetics.

Stay tuned

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