Estee lauder max coverage

So I have fallen in love with this foundation and concealer by estee lauder. The double wear maximum cover camouflage makeup is a full coverage foundation there is only 30ml ofproduct but you only need a little bit to cover the whole face. This foundation doesnt really need concealer but I like to put it under my eyes to brighten them up. The fragrance of the foundation is ok there isnt a very perfum sent but there a a faint sent the foundation leaves a matt finish and isnt a very oil based foundation which makes it great for oily skin which I am, and it lasts all day with no need to touvh up. However, I got the third sade which is creamy vanilla which is a bit dark for my skin tone but at boots the two lighter shades happen to be discontinued which is not good as paler skin will have to look else where for the lighter shades.

The concealer is great for under the eyes which gives it a brigtened effect and makes me look more awak it is similar formula to the foundation thought the shade range is not large there are three shades; light, medium and dark. The concearler does work well as a foundation but it is a smaller package and it is a concealer. The down side is that it does crease a little in the smaller creases under the eye but even when I hve used the mac prolong concealer it still seems to crease on me I think its just me lol.

This foundation and concealer is on the pricey side with each costing about £20 but it is worth getting if you want a full coverage foundation to cover thoughs problem areas. It is hard to find a decent full coverage foundation and this is one of my favs and well recomended if you have oily skin.

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