Nip and fab more like naf and bad

So I wanted to try the nip and fab cc cream to see if it works as usually sometimes expensive means good. But in this case the complete opposit. This cc cream is about £20 and the under eye cc cream is about £15 I bought these in tesco for £9 and £4 and im glad I didnt pay full price. Fristly these are only 2 shades light and dark and the light shade is a bit dark for my skin and goes a bit orange. The smell of these products is so foul like cigarette butts which noone wants on their skin. The consistancy is very sticky and hard to work into the skin and gets patchy. And the coverage is sheer and both complection and blemishes were not corrected at all. The cc eye cream had a more fluid consistancy but seemed to dry up way to quickly for it to be blended into the skin and cc cream making my face look orange and my under eye area patchy white.

I would not at all recommended this product to anyone and I would not use it on anyone either. I tried these products for a week and no matter what I did differently the outcome was always the same. A masive thumbs down.

Next product review will be the loreal nude magique bb cream

See you soon

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