Bb cream review gosh and loreal

Right again with the bb cream, still after the 1, so far my best western bb cream is maybelline new york dream pure bb cream for oily skin♡ but in my seach ive found 2 non recommends which are the loreal paris nude magique bb cream and gosh all in one bb cream. Firstly both packaging look very stylish and look like they would give great results. They are both round about the same price around £10 and both are in the lightest shade.

The loreal bb cream has great reviews and write ups, with a huge fan base recommending this product, however when I decided to try it out I was disappointed. The lightest colour became orange on my skin and didnt give me any coverage at first I thought it was catching the pigments on my hand rather then my face but I used brushes and spounges and the effects were still the same and the orange color change still occurs. This could be part of the oxidizing process and my oily skin but when I apply the product from the bottle it goes orange and I dont think I can pull off the orange face glow :)

The gosh bb cream was just a complete rip off for something that classes itself as a foundation primer and moisturiser I expect more of a result. The coverage was increably sheer to non existent all blemishes were still visible and my skin was no more hydrated than just using water. The consistancy is water but I believe that it has the same effects on my skin as applying water, drys up and is pointless at least water helps clean my skin. The only plus side is that it doesnt make my skin go orange but to be honest it doesnt do anything except make my skin feel clogged and dirty.

These products I have used in a week (week for each) with different ways of wearing them. In my oppinion I wouldnt use this product on any or myself with fair to light skin. For people with more of a tanned to deeper colour the loreal would be perfect. If your skin was flawless without makeup then the gosh one may be an opption but there are much better bb and cc creams out there then the gosh bb cream.

I hope this helps you lovely beauts out there. Stay tuned for my next review of the revlon photoready 3d volume mascara.


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