Yet another summer haul

So ive just done a small summer haul on top of the large haul I did at the begining of the week. As you may have seen on my youtube channel I had bought a lot of benefit products and a few other products and brushes. Amoung the products I boughts a Sleek I-divine candy eye pallet from the new candy range. Well I can say I have the full collection of the candy range.

I have purchased the blush candy pallet and the candy pop pout paint. The blush has three colours; 1 coral colour powder, 1 purpley colour powder and 1 plum colour cream. The texture of the powder is very velverty and smooth. The pout pain is a pinky plum colour mainly pinky then plum. The lip paint is a stain and comes in a small tube which looks like a mini lip gloss, though you only need to use the tiniest amount, applied with a brush.

I have also purchased some other Sleek eye pallets mainly the ones with the shimmer powder in them as they are very creamy gel like powder which can creat a pop of colour especially on top of flat base colours. I have also purchased some high beam by benifit as I have used the sun beam and I do luv it I cant wait to try the moon beam when I go to California. Have also purchased a lot of lip sticks mainly in different shades of pink from rimmel, nyc, barry m and miss sporty. I also have another pore proffesional and hello flawless primer sampler by benefit which can keep me stocked till I buy the primer and finish using the pore proffessional. I have also bought the boo boo zap which is a skin problem corrector which is supposed the dry out problem areas of skin. Im excited to use this but im unsure whether it will work but ill see the results in a couple of weeks and do a review on it.

Well this is it for my haul im going to do sum more tutorials with makeup and how I will do my birthday makeup which is fun and bubbly.

Stay tuned

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