whats the gist x

Soo this is the start of my first blog and pretty much its gonna be a lot about makeup, hair and fashion x

This blog goes with my youtube channel (also wih samename) so I do upload vids on makeup and hair. You'll see that I am in love with makeup and am starting to use a lot of MAC and Benefit cosmetics but I do also use more known drugstore brands as well as eye palettes :)

Im still working on my vids on youtube as some have sound and some have bad lighting but its getting better. Im also preparing for a holiday to the states, hollywood los angeles to be exact hehe ;) x so im developing some looks for that but most of my outfits are chosen especially my las vegas outfit which is super cute.

I hope you all follow my blog and youtube page and let me know what you think also im preparing to review some cosmetics, so let me know if you want me to review any product or show you some techniques when using the products.

Love ya and stay tuned


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