Summer 2013 makeup chuck

Well its summer which means that a makeup haul has been made. But with a haul comes the hard part of throwing away makeup which is no good or in sum cases is empty. There is a few things that im throwing away and ill give you a rieview on why these things are bing throw. Its a bit like a review of a few bad makeup choices I have purchased.

Right first up I was sooo dissappointed with the maxfactor smoky eye onyx smoke (the black and white 1) the coverage was fine for about 10 minuets after that the colour spread and creased, and smudged leaving just a mess. The consistancy was really creamy and once the black was used over the white in the outer edge the white became grey and dull so I had to add more white which then make the white tip of the pen become dark and dull. So this product was dissappointing to say the least.

Next is the bourjois paris smile enhancing gloss, it is great though the colour is just too pinky red for my complextion, though the teeth whitening/brightening end is brilliant really makes your teeth shine. The bourjois volumizer mascara had two styles of brush step 1 was a thin brush which I prefered but the second brush came out more glupy and think and made it hard to work over the eyelashes without them becoming clumpy so thats a no for me. I bought a gosh light n shine lip glaze which comes with a mirror on the side and a light in the inside of the lid to illuminate the lips but the colour was tooo red and the consistancy was very thick and stiky which made hair and lips stick too much to the gloss.

Other things I am getting rid of is a few mascaras, primer, eye shadows, liners and gloss as they have become a bit funny and I have out grown such as a very dark, black eyeshadows which I used to use when starting with makeup and I had a slightly emo goth style. But now im more girly and older ive decided to rid of the old. As they say out with the old in with the new and it seems new is called benefit lol.

Well stay tuned for more

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