So I am now engaged and it was amazing, he proposed on the london eye. Was a great day in all as i got to go to the london dungeons,  madam tusawds (unsure on spellin) and the sea life centre to see the penguins. To top the day off we had dinner in the rainforest cafe wich was amazing if it was a bit loud lol.

Even though I have a great day I didnt think my make up was that great, I tried the new seventeen on the spot foundation and had trouble with it from the start. it wouldnt go over my face evenly and I had to use a lot more then usual. Once it was finally on I added my mac studio fix powder on top to even the colour out more, though I had to reapply the powder 3 or 4 times during the day as the foundation did not stick to the skin that well.

When I bought the foundation I also purchased the maxfactor cc cream, which I wish I had chosen to wear instead as it is amazing. It covers my blemishes, redness and makes my complextion slightly lighter just like the original korean bb cream does which creates a great base and when I add my mac powder my face looks more natural and has less of an  orangy tinge. Added with my benefit dandilion blush and lipgloss with the benefit big beautifly eyes creates a more beautiful natural look making the face look natyral and fresh.

I will try and use the seventeen fondation again to see if I can make it work, and I am going to try the new maybelin oily skin bb cream to see what I think.

Stay tuned

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