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Primark Beauty || Review

Primark has really proven itself over the last year or so when it comes to beauty. I remember when Primark first hit the scene, with its affordable clothing and accessories. Over time it has developed in to a phenomenon, with stores opening up over seas. Primark is now the place to buy, not just clothes but home products, beauty and even some tech. They have really reached out to everyone's needs and there beauty is something that has improved so much over the last few years. With that said lets take a look at some of the products that I have managed to score at Primark.

Nudes Highlighting and Contour Kit

This product no word of a lie was a dupe to the KKW Contour Kit but at a fraction of the price. This kit comes with a duo brush (one end brush the other sponge), duo contour stick (2 shades) and a duo highlight stick (2 shades). I love it, The ability to chose between two different shades means it is more accessible for different skin tones and the brush really helps blend the contour out effortlessly. Being in a stick form, contouring has never been so easy, just swipe and blend. The only downside to this set is the highlighting stick, it was not really a glow and the colours were just off. But as it was cheap I didn't really mind getting rid of the highlight stick. I would highly recommend you give this a go before considering the steep price of the KKW kit.

Sweet Cheeks
This palette is super cute I have to say and the colours are really fun. Part of their Asian beauty line it was a real must have for me, mainly for the shade lemon sherbet, a beautiful golden shade. Giving you a variety of different highlight shades and blush shades in little heart pans. It is so fun and interesting that I had to pick it up. The powders do have a little bit of fall out and do take a couple of swipes to get the desired effect but they do look gorgeous on the skin. The only downside to this palette is the smell, supposedly it smells like cherry but it kind of smells like really sweet candy which is a little sickly if you as me. But over all a fun product to play around with.

Lunar Glow
Dupe Alert!!! This one with out a doubt reminds me of the Zoeva Winter Palette. With its spectrum of duo tone shades, from blue/purple, gold/green, pink/gold and white/silver. It is such a fun palette and a dupe, giving you a duel toned highlight. The powders do have some fall out but they do give the skin a fun and different glow from the normal highlights on the market.

Pure Glow
 This gorgeous palette is full of bronze shades and a white golden shade. Designed as a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow palettes, but at a low price of only £5. The shades are easy to apply and blend onto the skin, with small amount of fall out. These palettes are great for all skin tones with 4 shades to choose from. Go for that golden glow that wont break the bank.

Pure Blush
This is a strange palette that I picked up as I don't usually change up my blush, but I couldn't resist when I spotted the metallic highlight shades. The palette again is a similar style to ABH, bust consists of 3 blush shades (2 matte and 1 shimmer) and one metallic golden bronze shade. The highly metallic shade is what captivated me, as its isn't something I have come across before especially for the price. Just like above this shade blends really well onto the skin and is slightly on the creamy side. Especially when compared to the blush shades which do feel a little chalky rather than creamy. over all it is worth it just for the glow shades but to use the other shades go lightly.

Nudes Highlighter Stick
Designed as a dupe for the Milk Highlight Stick, it is a chunky twist stick to apply a creamy glow. Well, don't bother honestly! It doesn't really have a glow and looks way to dark for pale skin tones and honestly it is so thick you don't really see any product transfer to the skin. Compared to the Milk Stick this one doesn't even come near to the expert way of the original Milk one. Overall, don't bother, save your money and get the Milk one.

Nudes Body Shimmer
This highlight is something I cannot live without. The glow is incredible, it is a loose powder and applies so smoothly on to the skin. Being a loose powder it is great for pretty much everything, from body highlight to cheek highlight and eye shadow. The powder has so much glow you cannot help but blind people. It is gorgeous! Honestly out of all the products on this list, this is the one that I would get over everything else.

Pure Highlight
Yet another dupe to finish off this beauty reviews, this time we are duping the Fenty highlights. In hexagonal packaging, it truly looks like you picked it up from Fenty rather than Primark. The product is so metallic it looks incredible, super blendable and feels almost creamy. The shade is a bronze gold and looks blinding, with it's glow and finish. Honestly for the price it is such a great dupe, and a perfect way to have that glow that doesn't break the bank. 

Overall, the products in Primark can be hit and miss, but over recent years they have definitely upped their makeup game. These products are great for people on a budget and those that what a good dupe to highend products.

Stay Gorgeous

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In Being a Blogger Blog Break blogger Blogger Break Blogging Break Im Back The World According to Jess Where Have I Been

Where Have I Been??

It has been a long time coming back to blogging hasn't it. Taking a break just a little after Christmas, to the beginning of March. Honestly, I'm not really sure why I haven't made the effort to come back sooner, I've been up to so much and thought my first post back will be about where I had disappeared to.
Firstly, I started my new job in January and that has kept me really busy. 11 day weeks are a killer when you get to the end of it and the evenings I'm just a little too tired to blog. I'm now starting to get into a routine which has given me a few hours throughout the day to blog and switch off from work. I do like my new job, it's very interesting and hard work.

If you didn't see already, the winners for my giveaway were announced and the gifts sent off. Beff ( even did a Instagram story of the products when she got back from NYC. But, don't worry if you didn't win, there are plenty more on the way.

I've also gone back to blonde. I know I know it kills your hair, but trust and believe I have found hair hero's that have brought my hair back to its healthy self. I missed my blonde hair and it covers the greys well. Plus it makes me feel ready for summer.

I cannot wait for this year to roll out with holidays and days out planned, plus new product reviews, 10 year anniversary and a fun filled vlogmas.

I am back, back, back again and I cannot wait to pump out the content.

Stay Gorgeous 

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In 2018 2018 achievements 2018 Goals achievements life life goals lifestyle What I achieved in 2018

What I achieved in 2018

I cannot believe 2018 has gone, another year over with. Now I could jump on the band wagon and say 2019 is going to be even better or thank god 2018 has finished, but I'm not. Instead I wanted to write down all the things that I have achieved this past year and what I want to achieve in 2019, so there will be two posts. It's a bit like a change in behaviour, I train myself into thinking yes I can more than if only.

So to start 2018 has been a huge year for me, undertaking a dissertation which I am quite proud of. I've never really don't a project quite like this one and it had me out in the wee hours of the morning but was well worth it. With dissertation meant finishing university, which you may know I differed for a year. This time I stuck though and made sure I balanced my uni life with my social life. I made sure to talk to people and most of all make time for my friends. I don't think I could have gotten through the rest of the year without them.

Finally it was all worth it, graduating with an honours degree! I cannot believe I made it, I have come a long way for this but it is now my highest qualification and the work paied off.
Before I graduated though, I tackled my driving. Learning was difficult at first but I know what to do. But, I need a lot more practise which is why I didn't pass. Though, I know it's just practise, practise, practise.

Once you graduate no one really tells you where to go from there, your an adult now so let's do adult things. The hard part is deciding what to do next and for me I wanted a job, so the mission begins. I had a bunch of interviews but nothing surfaced. Until I got an email from one of the places I have wanted to work in for the last 4 years. Interview went ok but then I got the call to come back for a 2nd interview. Well, I can now say it was worth the wait. I start my new job and my dream job at that today!!

Suddenly the adulting has really fallen into place and my mind is now focused on the future. Here's to the achievements, however small, of 2018 and I look forward to what's to come now in 2019.

Stay Gorgeous 

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In #JessWorldGiveaway beauty Beauty Giveaway Competition Drugstore Giveaway giveaway winners Highend Jess World Giveaway makeup makeup giveaway The World According to Jess winners

Giveaway winners are...

Hello you beautiful people and what can I say two people are going to get some good news to end the year off, so drum roll please...

The winners are:

Beth from Beffshuff

Natasha Jane

Congratulations girls, I will be in contact with you for your details soon.

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations again girls.

Don't worry if you missed out there will be more giveaways to come in the new year.

Stay Gorgeous

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