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Why I'm A Blogger

This past year has really got me thinking am I really a blogger?? I see so many other bloggers doing amazing things and I always struggle with keeping to a schedule. But that's it, I always compare myself to everyone else, not just in blogging but in life. Am I actually the person I want to be or am I striving to be someone's expectation??

I'm 26 and I feel that I'm am just letting my life pass by. Well I feel like I'm not up to the standard of the online images. Perfect pictures, perfect hair, body, makeup and blog. All these online influences that make you feel like your life isn't great or worth while. And the thing is I know I'm not alone. We are all influenced by the world around us, we may say that it doesn't affect us but deep down it does. Seeing friends get married or moving out, having children or getting their dream job, we all want what the other has.

But are we enough??


It's time to stop comparing ourselves to what we expect to be. We are all unique and our time on Earth is relatively short and we should stop trying so hard to be the norm. It's hard to stop comparing to others but its so easy to forget all you have accomplished. This is why I'm a Blogger, I'm not perfect and I'm just a beauty blogger, but that's what makes me happy. This is my space to talk about anything and makes tough times more bearable, by putting that energy into something I love.

When I start to feel my life is just passing by, I stop and think about all the things I've done. I have 2 degrees, I'm engaged, I've got 2 makeup artist certificates, I've battle depression and an still standing. Even the small things make me feel proud, like working with brands through my blog, getting to go to events and make so many new friends.

So this new year, I want you to try to do the same, think about all your accomplishments, your uniqueness. You are worth so much more than blending in. Be your own superstar and live your best life and own it.

Stay Gorgeous

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Festive Giveaway

You read that right, my very first giveaway!

I have wanted to do a giveaway for ages and this was the perfect time to do one. Not just a Christmas count down, but your chance to win a box full of goodies.

2 winners will be chosen and will receive some of my favourite beauty products.

Mink 3D Lashes

Boohoo Highlight in Galactic Mist

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Argan Oil Foot Mask

B.C Charcoal Facial Mask

Elegant Touch Nail Glue

Top Shop Stick Highlight in Other-Worldly

Compact Mirror

Body Shop Hand Cream in Coconut

Gold Collagen Lip and Under Eye Masks

Joyjorya Beauty Blender

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips

Moxi Eye Catcher Sticks

The Ordinary Foundation*

*this is my shade, winners own shade will be given

Mac Lipstick

Body Lotion

Facial Moisturiser

and a couple of samples

To enter this festive competition you'll need to do the following:

  1. Comment down below what your favourite Christmas film is
  2. Follow me and retweet my Pinned Tweet with #JessWorldGiveaway
  3. Repost my Instagram pic GIVEAWAY with #JessWorldGiveaway on your stories or page (Though remember to make your profile private or I won't see it)
  4. Open to UK only (T&Cs below)
It's that simple! 
The giveaway finished on the 24th December, so get entering and you can enter as many times as you want. The winners will be announced on the 31st December. A perfect way to end the year.

Good Luck!

Stay Gorgeous

Terms and conditions
  • Entrance starts 12pm 01/12/18 till 11:59pm 24/12/18 (GMT)
  • You must be 18 year or over or have parental consent if under 18
  • For UK residents only, those who do not live in the UK will not be chosen
  • There is no limit for entries, those that enter after the date above will not be accepted.
  • Winners will be announced on 31/12/18
  • Winners will be chosen at random by a random number generator.
  • Winners will be contacted for delivery details and shade selection
  • Giveaway will be sent via Royal Mail Signed
  • Winners will be sent tracking details
  • This giveaway is not affiliated with any other company/brand other than The World According To Jess.

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Getting Into The Christmas Spirtit

December is just a few days away and its time to get in the Christmas spirit. The night's are drawing in and the temperature has certainly dropped. The thought of snow, food and family start to come to mind. But what do you do to get into the Christmas spirit?

Wait till December
Weird but it's much better to wait till December the 1st before you should try to get in the spirit. Why? Well it looses it's magic when it starts to early. Christmas songs shouldn't be played until way past Halloween. I know a lot of shop worker who hate Christmas songs by the time December comes along. I know some families who wait until Christmas eve to put up the decorations. Your probably wondering why, well when their kids go to bed on Christmas eve, Santa brings all the decorations and festive cheer. Then Christmas day the house looks magical.

Put on the Christmas Songs
Yep, it's time for the stereo to blast those classic Christmas songs. Time for Wizard, Buble and Cliff Richards to hit the charts again. Listen while you wrap or doing chores, add a little bit of magic to your day. It's crazy what memories come to mind when you hear those tunes.

Crack out the Festive Films
Yep I love a good Christmas film, all of them get watched in my household. But there is a huge debate that seems to be as old as time, which ones the best? Mine has to be The Santa Clause and Miracle on 34th Street, it just reminds me of Christmas when I was younger, my fiance's is Home Alone (its not Christmas till that's on - his words).


Get Cosy
Put on your fuzzy pjs, grab yourself a nice big hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and relax. Christmas is coming fast and with all that stress you should take some time for yourself. Christmas shopping is hell during December (hence I have done mine) and seeing huge crowds just imitate herds of zombies. But once you've got the gifts chill out and carry on enjoying the festive season as wrapping really brings Christmas into reality.

Stay Warm and Gorgeous

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TAM Beauty || Review

TAM beauty is one of the fastest growing brands in the UK and have done tones of collaboration with fellow influencers. I seem to make posts aboutbthem all the time with mini hauls. They are an affordable brand and are actually the mother ship of Revolution and Revolution Pro, I Heart Revolution (formally know as I Heart Makeup), Freedom Makeup, MUA and a few others but this is going to be a long post so I'll get on with it.

Revolution/Revolution Pro

Ok, there had in be one bad banana in the bunch and it unfortunitally was this one. Normally I am all over stroking and highlighting products, but this 1 was a let down for me. The palette contains 3 strobe powders, a white with green shimmer, a golden shade and a rose with silver shimmer. Looking at the palette it's gorgeous, but the color payoff is horrendous. Now I have tried to get it to shine on the skin in natural and flurecent light and nothing. No glow, no shine, and the powder feels chalky and not really blendable. It has just been a real disappointment and would not recommend at all.

I spoke about the liquid highlights in my last TAM Beauty Review and low and behold I managed to pick up a few more. Bronzed Gold, a copper shade and Mermaids Scales, a green hue. The Bronzed Gold is beautiful and great for tanned and darker skin tones, I loved it in summer to give me a more sunkissed look. Mermaids Scales on the other hand is rather strange, being green it isn't a usual highlight, but go light and it adds a green sparkle to your cheek bones. I keep this 1 in my sfx kit as I like going all out with a mystical look. I still am obsessed with these liquid highlights and would highly recommend.

We have all heard of cushion foundation, made popular in Asia spreading world wide. There have now been many brands to come out with a cushion foundation and in recent years cushion corrector and concealer. I have even come across a cushion liquid liner, but now we have the cushion brows. A product similar to the cushion liner, especially product soaked sponge in a air tight tub. Available in a variety of shades whips little pot does pack a punch, with pigment for days. You apply it the same way you would with brow pomade, an angled brush and patience. It is a little daughting at first as it is very wet and can go everywhere if your not careful. Go in tiny strokes and wait a minute for them to dry before disturbing them. Once dry they last all day, brow perfection for life. It is an ingenious product, but it is not for the beginner, trust me practise with pomade before you grab this.

My go to brow pencil is the Mac Procision Brow Pencil in Stylised, it is super easy to use and really gives me effortless and natural brows. But, there came a time where I had run out and couldn't afford it, so it was time to find an alternative. Along came the Microblading Effect Pencil, an affordable and certainly a dupe to both the Mac and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. With a spooli at one end and a fine pencil in the other it is perfect for on the go gorgeous brows. The pencil is finely tipped and glides onto the brows, giving you an effortless and natural looking brow. It is a must have product especially if you want a cheaper alternative to the big brands.

So I have loved their eye foil for years and recently the changed the formula and names, bring out a whole new generation of them. My fave was a beautiful rose gold shade, more champagne than bronze but beautiful in its own way. New formula means I must give it a go, firstly their new rose gold is basically a pink red shade not at all like the one I know a love. Going through the shades, the one which is far similar to the rose gold shade is Rebound. The formulation seems the same to me and the color is beautiful and glides on the eyes when used with the mixing fluid. It really makes a statement and rap on with your finger to add a little sparkle to any look. These foils rival the Stila foils and are far more affordable, and with a large range to choose from, you can sparkle your way through to the new year.

See what I mean about cushion everything another cushion product and this time c orrectors. Though unlike the traditional cushion, this is like a stamp cushion. In one end of the tube there is a thick corrector concealer and on the other a dense sponge. This method of correcting is far more fun and precie than some of the other corectors I own. Just dab where you want and your product is on, then you can blend it out and your done. I'm not joking when I say this has been a lifesaver in rushed times, it is so quick and easy to use that anyone can color correct. The only thing that I don't like is you cannot wash your sponge that easy as its attracted the packaging. But overal a must have.

Revolution love to rival big brands, from new vision to dupe they really are pavingbthe way for affordable makeup. The Skin Kissed h ighlighters are no different, and are a huge dupe for the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts at a fraction of the price. They are large h ighlighters and come in a small selection of shades and I couldn't resist the Champagne Kiss. It is beautiful and easy to apply, blending onto the skin beautifully with a little fall out. It just gives you an effortless natural glow, but you can even heat things up by wetting a brush. Wet brush equals less fallout high pigment and of course glow to the gods. I still want to try there other shades but so far I am highly impressed by this one.

Rose Gold for the win, my life is rose gold. And when Charlotte Tilbury released her gold bar highlights I was all for it. The only trouble is the price, so the hunt began for the rose gold bar and low and behold Revolution bought out their own. I had to try the rose gold bar and it didn't dissapoint, with its pink hue shine and creamy consistency it was glow for years. The packaging isn't crazy, but it still is worth the price, the powder glides on to the skin and blend effortlessly. I cannot wait to get my hands on the other two powders but so far I'm a fan.

There has been a slowly rising trebdbof jelly highlighter, yes you heard me right jelly. Now before you ask it isn't a cream and it isn't a putty, halfway through this year the jelly arrived. Believe it or not it started to surface when most brands started to bring out liquid highlight. Now as a girl who loves highlight, I have been after a jelly highlight and although, it has been a wait trust me it has been well worth it. A few weeks back Revolution launched their rose gold/gold/silver palettes, gloss and JELLY HIGHLIGHT. Well I'm a sucker for rose gold so I had to pick that one but all are beautiful. The rose gold shade is beautiful, giving you a champagne glow. It is easy to apply, with your finger or a duo fiber brush. Being a jelly it feels wet to the touch but dries pretty fast, but the glow is perfection. Just the right amount of shine and shimmer. It's hard to explain how perfect this product is, so go check it out for yourself in your nearest Superdrug you won't regret it.

I have wanted the Revolution SFX palette for ages and after finding it in a sales bin in Superdrug it was my chance to give it a go. Firstly it isn't like face paint, I originally thought it was but never really saw any reviews on it. So, its a cream paint palette, with different red shades, greens, browns, a white and black and even a purple. The colours are very creamy and easy to use, I do like cream paints for some sfx looks as they are safe to use around the eyes and are easily bendable when on the face. The creams do dry on the face when given time, though this isn't always the case for cream paints. This product is ment to be creamy for longer to allow blending and can be set with translucent powder. This product is a great addition and starter product for makeup artists and sfx makeup artists.

I Heart Revolution

When I discovered that I Heart Revolution released palettes and lipsticks to accompany their selection of box blush/highlight, I had to have a look and this palette did not disappoint. Firstly holographic packaging is a huge plus for me, inside a beautiful mixture of mattes and shimmers. They look beautiful on the eye and blend together reasonable easily, worn light for day looks, or go all out for a mystical eye. Unicorns have definitely taken over and I'm going along for the ride.

First came the Unicorn Heart Blush and a craze set the makeup community. And where there are unicorns mermaids surely follow. This box blush is not for the faint hearted and one I keep in my sfx kit. Inside is a color scheme of blues, greens and golds to create a magnificent mermaid glow. Go light for a subtle blue hue glow or pack it on and live your magical life. A fab and unusual blush that won't break the bank.


This is a really affordable highlight and I have a multiple different shades, but I this review we are going to talk about two shades. Black Magic, a out of the ordinary black shimmer highlight, perfect at adding depth in sfx looks and smoking out that eye. The second shade is Aqua, a sea blue, go all out for a mermaid look or go very light for a hint of a blue glow. These highlights are so versatile and can be used in both beauty and sfx kits.

Stay Gorgeous

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