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California Dreaming And The Best Places To Visit

Heading away on a holiday is just one of those things I think most people enjoy doing. The excitement and the anticipation of the holiday to come. The countdown till you get on the plane or set off on your journey. That goosebump feeling you get when you arrive. It is certainly one of those feelings that you just would love to bottle up and keep. Which got me thinking about our choices when it comes to holiday destinations? We can often stick with the same places, so I thought it would be nice to share with you a destination that I think should be on your bucket list and that is California. I hope it gives you the inspiration you need to visit there one day.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the film capital of the world thanks to Hollywood, and is definitely one of those places you just have to see at least once in your life. If films are your things then the famous studios brought to you from the likes of Paramount, Universal and Warner Brothers are all there to witness and many of them offer behind the scenes tours to really help you experience it to the max. You also have Rodeo Drive, famed for shopping and the famous Pretty Woman scene, we all know the one. It is definitely a place full of things to do and see.

Palm Desert
Ever heard of Coachella? Then if you are a big fan then you may want to head up to Palm Desert, which is based in the Coachella valley and is also near the more well-known Palm Springs. Staying in places like the Marriott's Desert Springs Villas II gives you the perfect starting point to explore the country clubs, the sprawling golf courses or the designer boutiques. You may even want to book your trip alongside the dates for Coachella and really experience the festival that the Kardashians and the Jenners love so much.

Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is a city on the central coastline of California and its famous beach of Monterey Bay has a great stretch line of coats, but also along it are fabulous shops and restaurants to enjoy. If you are feeling nostalgic, then nearby you have the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk vintage rides which includes the 1911 Looff carousel and the Giant dipper roller coaster. Definitely a place to enjoy and one for the bucket list for sure.

San Francisco
Heading to the Northern points of California you have the city of San Francisco. A great city filled with plenty of things to see and do. However, there is one place that many people want to witness and that is the Alcatraz island, where the former prison is located. You can actually tour it and hear all about the stories and what went on back when it was a fully working prison. Finally, seal the deal with a picture with the Golden gate bridge as your backdrop.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to consider California as a future holiday destination.

Stay Gorgeous

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Champagne Lifestyle, Lemonade Budget

Being a student with no job, means that money is tight. This is the same story for a lot of people, whether your working, studying or just being a parent. Money just doesn't go that far these days, from phone contracts to bills, we crave that bit of luxury but it seems just too expensive and hard to get. Well I'm here to tell you that you can have a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget, if you know where to look.
Days Out
Days out can be just too expensive now days, whether you want to go to an attraction or an amusement park, the cost just adds up. Even a day out to the beach doesn't come cheap, with drinks, arcades and restaurants, it all soon adds up. My first tip, especially when it comes to attractions, collect tokens. The Sun newspaper does a token collection every year, with attractions for all. From theme parks to castles you can get 2 free tickets for it all. And I know what your gonna say, why by a paper everyday just for 2 tickets. Well, not only do you get a chance to get 2 tickets but you can actually get a chance to get 4 instead. Going on to the app gets you tickets faster and you can choose your selected date. That's 4 tickets at the fraction of the price. Let me break it down, that's 4 adult tickets for the price of £10 instead of £200 for them. Without these tickets, I don't think I would ever go to the theme parks as that is a lot of money to splash out just for a day.

Not only can you collect tokens in newspapers, you can even find them on selected products like cereal, where adults can go free with a paying child or adult. Some more money well saved for an amazing day out with your little ones and even friends.

Eating Out
Food and drink are impossible to get round if you have a day out. At some point you are going to need to refuel, well you can save on food and drink too! First things first look around for food places, especially in theme parks. It is so easy to spend too much on too little food, and lets face it when people need to eat they eat. Great food places to go are all you can eat restaurants, why?? Well it's a set price with as much as you can eat. On average it costs about £12 per adult, money well saved.

Don't forget to look for vouchers! A lot of restaurants have vouchers for free sides or drinks, which can only be found if you look. And don't forget your loyalty cards, you know those cards sitting in your purse or wallet. These little plastic wonders can give you exclusive discounts and money off. If your a student don't forget to see if the restaurant accepts NUS, the more money saved the better.

NUS Card
I thought I would mention this beautiful card to you before I go on. A magical discount card which can give you access to student discount for up to 3 years. Now, I know not all of you are students but there is a little trick to this. Wowcher or Groupon yourself a online course, it doesn't even need to be one that is assessed. As long as it lasts for 1 year, then baby you can go order that card for 1-3 years and enjoy all that the NUS has to offer.

Voucher Websites
These sites are perfect if you want to grab a bargain. Want your hair done, spa day, experience day or even cosmetic surgery (yes even that too), go here first. You can even pick up products through them, like makeup brushes or kitchen accessories. They are affordable and have quick delivery.

Discount Stores/Sections
This is actually an obvious one which not a lot of people do, it makes it harder when the store move this section around. Places like TK Maxx are a haven for instant bargains, selling products and clothes from all types of places for cheap. As a makeup artist I cannot live without their beauty section. I look there every time I'm near by, they have anything from W7 to Too Faced and even MAC and MUF. You are guaranteed a bargain every time. But you can also spot pure gold! I've managed to pick up Huda Beauty and Milk Makeup to say the least, it is a pure gold mine and each TK Maxx is different. Don't forget to look in the clearance section too as things that don't sell very quickly get reduced a lot and means more of a bargain for you.

The discount sections in store are one of my favourite, especially in places like Superdrug and Boots. It does move around a lot so you need to search for it, but once found you can pick up a great bargain. Some products which have been discontinued, lost its packaging or even just covered is product are a steal. As those that look messy can be easily cleaned up and look as good as new. A top tip if you are picking up beauty bits, clean the applicator or product with 99% alcohol and sharpen pencils this ensures that bacteria is killed off. I always do it to any product I pick up even adding a little bit of alcohol to any lip products to ensure they are fully disinfected.

Dress to Impress
Finally having a stunning outfit, shoes or even accessories really has its perks and it doesn't all have to be over the odds. Online shopping is one of the best things to do when your on a budget and never pay full price. On many sites, there is a sale section, which is there all year round. I never buy full price as you can usually find something very similar in the sale. All you need to do is select your size and start looking, from clothes to shoes the sale has it all. And googling codes makes the purchase that much sweeter as an extra code for say free next day delivery is a bargain.

Shoes, those things on your feet, they aren't always cheap.Sometimes buy cheap doesn't always give you what you want. This is a new find for me and one that should be raved about. Did you know every week Sports Direct have a special bargain on selected shoes?? Did you also know that these deals of the week range from, men, women and child?? Did you also know that these deals usually involve named brands such as Nike?? Well now you do and so do I. This is incredible especially as a good shoe can really sell an outfit. But wait there's more!! Don't buy in store, I repeat don't buy in store! Try them on in store just to make sure they feel good but order them online with free store delivery. Why, as if they are in store surly it makes no difference. Wrong! believe it or not Sports Direct are cheaper online then they are in store. I don't really understand why but they are, whether that is because of the price of next day or 3 day deliver adding to the price. Either way save the money and buy online.

These are just some ways that I have found to save money and not miss out on some of the luxuries of life. So, never let money dictate your life as we can all live a champagne lifestyle.

Any more tips, share them below and until next time

Stay Gorgeous

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How to Make His Special Day Truly Memorable

In case you are stuck with a birthday or anniversary idea for the special man in your life, you might want some inspiration to make his day truly special. No matter if you are with a motorbike enthusiast or a football fan, you can find an activity and present that will fit their style and make them appreciate your effort. Below you will find a few ideas to help you plan the special celebrations.

Home Cooked Dinner Just Like His Mum Did It

Image via PxHere

Every man loves the food they had back at home, no matter how old they are. If you talk to his mother next time, ask about their favourite meal and get the recipe, so you can recreate the same meal in a romantic environment at home. He will appreciate your effort, and feel valued and on top of the world. You might want to show him the caring and nurturing side of you, so he learns to appreciate your relationship.

Active Days Out

Image via Pixabay

Men love adrenaline. Whether you want to get a quad bike voucher for him to get some spins in the mud or a helicopter tour, you will win the game. Men don’t really fancy going for a long walk unless there is paintball involved. Meet their adrenaline cravings half way, and join in their type of fun. After all, the day is about them and not you. A great day out for a man can be climbing a rock, going sailing or surfing, or trying out a supercar as a birthday gift to remember.

Funny Cards

While planning a special surprise is important, you will also have to pay attention to the details. Depending on your relationship and how long you have been together, you could search for rude, rude, cheeky and insulting greeting cards for all occasions that will make him laugh and be proud of being with a woman who has a sense of humour. No matter what you are planning for the day, a personalised card will set the right tone.

Invite His Friends

Men like the company of women, but might not want to exclude their childhood friends from the celebration, either. It is important that you develop a good relationship with his friends, and - if you want to  - throw a party they can enjoy. Many men feel like they are under the thumb if their other half doesn’t involve their friends in days out and parties.

A Book He Will Actually Read

No matter if your man hasn’t read a book for a long time, you can find one they are definitely going to. Whether it is a biography of their favourite actor or actress, or a history book they always wanted to get their hands on, you can surprise them. Don’t forget to write a personalized quote  in the book, so they will remember you every time they pick it up.

Planning your other half’s birthday is a challenge. Ask his friends and family members about what he enjoys, and make sure that you give him a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something that will remind him of you every day.

Stay Gorgeous

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Burn Baby, Burn! Leaving A Job The Hassle-Free Way

Are you stuck in a dead end job? Do you want to try something new, like going to uni for example? Is it time to leave a role and move onto pastures new?

Anyone who answered yes to these questions only has one thing left to do: quit. As soon as the letter of resignation is on the boss’s desk and has been accepted, there are no more shackles. Imagine a life where you are free to follow your dreams and passions. You truly are living the dream!

Sadly, the acceptance part of resignation isn’t a formality. Employers, especially difficult ones, will make the process hard for no other reason than they hate to lose. Yep, what made them a good employer in the first place may turn the tide, and not in your favour. So, what are you supposed to do when the proverbial hits the fan? Better yet, how do you prevent this scenario from occurring in the first place? Below are a few tips on how to avoid burning bridges.

Draft A Letter
For the average person, resigning involves drafting a letter and handing it to their boss. It’s the traditional way. Of course, things have changed quite dramatically in a short space of time. Nowadays, workers are more entitled than ever before and feel as if they can do what they want when they want to do it. The attitude of “sticking it to the man” won’t get you very far in this situation. Not only can businesses be incredibly spiteful, but they deserve respect. After all, they treated you with dignity for the majority of the time that you spent in their employ. Granted, a letter of resignation is old-fashioned and not cool, but the process isn’t about who’s the most modern. It’s about respectfully and politely informing a potential future reference that you’ve found another job. There’s no need to ask for their blessing – it’s going to happen regardless. Still, start the way you mean to continue.

Keep It Mum
“Mum” is, of course, rhyming slang for schtum, which is great advice considering the circumstances. Just because you’re nearly out of the door doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. People will still use whatever ammunition they can get hold of to fire shots in your direction. It’s easy to think “yeah, but I don’t care,” yet it’s again the wrong attitude. Aside from being courteous, refraining from speaking aloud about issues is a safety net. Bosses and colleagues may think that your opinions are biased because you’re leaving and attempt to read between the lines. Usually, the result is resentment, particularly at the highest level of the business as it impacts their reputation. Don’t be na├»ve and assume these people don’t hold grudges. What do you think got them to the top of the tree? Whenever a difficult question comes your way, simply act like an eel and slip away.

Work Your Notice
In fact, it’s better to work a longer notice than what the business expects. In most cases, it shows that you are a team player regardless of the fact that you’re leaving. More importantly, it increases the chances of securing a favourable reference further down the line. Your contract should outline what is expected with regards to the duration. One month is the industry-standard yet some firms ask for modest two-weeks while others expect six-weeks. Even if it’s a stretch, try as hard as possible to adhere to the rules and regulations. If they are too hard to comply with, then speak to the boss and explain the position. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your new employer. As peers, someone on the team may be able to negotiate better thanks to their position of power. Plus, companies always want favours and they can provide it if you are valuable enough!

Speak To Legal Professionals
Please be aware that no one is saying that your employer is going to hit the roof. To be honest, there is no way to tell how they react until they read the letter. Hopefully, and the good ones do this, they will be disappointed yet understand the decision. After all, everyone should have the opportunity to better oneself. Most of the time, this suggests that the process will go without a hitch. On the flip side, a boss that freaks out is going to put up hurdles and you need to jump them like a young Colin Jackson. Before handing the letter in, then, obtaining support with employment law is a wise move because the pros will outline what can and can’t happen. For example, they will tell you that it’s illegal for an employer to hand out bad references or references in poor faith. As well as affording you peace of mind, it also gives you the tools to respond. A boss may try and intimidate with strong-arm tactics, but a knowledgeable person will be able to sort the lies from the truth.

Don’t Push Your Luck
This can take many forms, but the most notorious is the process of poaching clients and employees. Everyone wants to impress on their first day, and there isn’t a better way than reeling in a huge fish. Plus, it’s easier than most people think because clients develop relationships with people, not the company. As soon as you move, they may want to follow suit because they trust in your ability. Tempting though it may be to accept, you should decline the offer and do your best to make them stay put. Your old bosses will see it as an act of aggression and respond in kind. So, what was a ploy to impress could end up landing the new company in a turf war with a powerful rival. See how easy the tide can turn? On a separate note, don’t push your luck by bragging, in person or on social media, or by coasting. You’re an employee until you leave so act like one.

Can you think of a situation where you’ve done any of the above? How did it impact your career?

Stay Gorgeous

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