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Girl! IMATS is just around the corner and I am starting to think about all the goodies I want to pick up. It will be my 5th year attending and I cannot wait. But being just around the corner it's time to plan plan plan. these are my top tips to survive the mayhem of this international event.
Plan Ahead
Simple but so true. Tickets are cheaper if bought early, this means a little more money to spend on the day. This is highly important if your travelling a distance to get there and if you need to book accommodation. The sooner the better to really enjoy the moment.

Make a list of products you want before hand. Cut down the searching and unwanted splurging and write a list. What do you actually want above anything else. Knowing this will help cut out that unwanted queuing and wandering around. Put the most wanted at the top, this way you know what you would rather want over another. Along with this list, put the retail price. It's easy to get caught up in the mayhem of the day, but you don't want to leave and find out yo didn't save anything. This again will cut your queuing time and save you more dolls.

Budget! This is a major plan ahead, you don't want to get to the day and have no money to get anything. Knowing your budget means you can save and you know exactly what you can spend. Trust me it is super easy to over spend if your not careful. 

Top tip: bring cash over card. This helps you keep to your budget, plus the cash points there charge and we don't want that. As well as this a lot of brands sell in dollars on cards, which your bank will charge a little extra. The plus side to cash is a quick transaction and no worrying of over spending.

Look at the floor plan
This is a must for anyone who hate crowds and closed spaces. The floor plan is your golden ticket to winning IMATS. Look at it and highlight the stands that are a must. Avoiding those that are not necessary and gets you out of the hussle and bustle. Personally I have 3 codes, stars are a must visit, hearts are yes but not essential and crosses for like to visit but not that important. This way you can get the queuing out the way and really enjoy the day.

Top tip: try to avoid big named brands, unless necessary. These have huge ques, no room, the discount isn't that impressive and you will end up being hit by more bags that anything. Trust me save your time and money if you can.

Think about your outfit
Funny tip, but its a must. No I don't mean wear heels and high fashion. I mean wear comfy, practical. Your going to be on your feet for hours so flats are a must, I wear flats and my feet still hurt at the end of the day. Black or dark colours will help with unwanted swatch smears. I cannot tell you how many times a year I see people with white clothes and make-up on themselves. We may be as careful as possible but, all you need is a jolt or a knock and you've got it on your clothes. Thin layers personally are a must. Coats and thick jumpers will weigh you down and make you sweat way too much. It may be cold outside but inside it will be a sauna. All those people producing heat will creat a pretty tropical environment.

Bags are an issue, and one which get me miffed every time. The first 3 years I attended the rule on bags was no suitcases and generally bring a small bag as you get bags there. Well last year, they were either very slack or changed the rules as the am out of big bags and suitcases was ridiculous. I mean I get the need to pull a Zucca trolley or a make-up case but not a full blown suitcase. What are they buying. They just get in the way, knock you down and if left on a side can knock a display down (I say this as it happened last year). So go small and compact, most stands give you bags, wether that be fabric, paper or plastic (very rarely). Just bring you essentials, because a long day on your feet and a big bag could mean a very sore body in the morning.

This brings me on to my next point. Keep hydrated and fed! It's hot, you'll be in ques and there isn't really anywhere to sit. So keeping your energy up is essential not just to keep you healthy but also keep your mood up. The food stands are available but are very pricy, if you can bring water and a snack with you.

Look Around
Yes girl, you can get a better deal else where. It is so tempting to just buy what you see first. Don't! Have a look around some stalls try to out do each other and smaller stalls are home to the best prices. I personally have found Ben Nye powder cheaper at SFX stands than beauty stand. It's worth a look as saving money is the aim of the game.

Look out for coupons
Funny but true. Usually a few weeks before the event brands will advertise discounts. These discounts could be on selected things or over the entire stand. It's a must if it is from a specific brand you want, as saving money and even getting more for your money is perfect. Check out all their social media and their website, they are easy to spot and only require you to bring the coupon with you. 

Take it all in
There is a lot to do and see, so go slow and take it all in. Stop and watch one of the talks, they are insightful and give you some great tips. See the battle of the brush students. They are super talented and you get to see them in action, then stay till the end to see who wins. Watch out for walk in art! A lot of stands will be doing demos, some beauty and some SFX, they are incredible and all the models will stop to allow you to take some snaps. There is also a make-up museum, which showcases some of the current masterpieces from film. From Alien to the Revenant, its an honour to behold plus some really talented artists have there work showcased.

Top tip; do all you spending first, the quicker its done the less you que. Then go upstairs to see all the carnage from above and visit the make-up museum. I do this every year and gets you somewhere quiet to think of your next move. If you have money left over you can head to the last couple of stands you want to visit.

And that's it! Remember to have fun and enjoy the day or weekend. It doesn't matter on how long your there just enjoy it. As after, you will have to wait another year to attend again.

Stay Gorgeous

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TAM Makeup || Review

I gave this post the heading TAM beauty for one reason, all of these brands are daughters of the mother brand TAM beauty. All these products are available in Superdrug and online (Superdrug and own sites), there are so many great affordable dupes that this post could have been super long. I chose to remove some of the products as they are residing in my SFX kit. This is going to be a photo filled one so let's get started!

A dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade, just much more affordable and much easier to get in the UK. A beautiful consistency and long lasting, and really carves out that insta brow. There are a variety of shades to choose from all working with many hair tones. I own 2 to create that ombre brow that looks a little more natural. I know right can the insta brow actually look natural. Affordable and fabulous though not for the faint hearted, you can go a little overboard if you're not careful.

A beautiful baked highlight in the shape of a heart, really loving the love right now (haha). A very good dupe to the Too Faced ones, very beautiful, blend perfectly into the skin and have a very slight pink tone to it. Over do it and you could end up with a pink streak on your cheek.  It does come off a little powdery as well so I'd highly recommend spraying your face or brush with fix+ when applying.

The main reason I picked up this palette wasn't because a Youtuber collab with the palette, but because of the amount of gorgeous shadows in it. Plus the purple shade had me, with its pigmentation and it is just a beautiful shade. The shades range from matte to shimmer, and are easily blendable and pigmented. I have found a couple of shades come off a little chalky with some fall out, but over all it is a beautiful palette.

A release for Halloween 2017, this lip kit is everything. It is a unicorn lovers dream, a mystic metallic purple shade of lip liner and a glitter gloss. This fun duo make a perfect pair and unusual addition to a makeup collection. This product is one of my favourites and one that I find so fun and it will be part of both my beauty makeup and SFX makeup. The only downside is the gloss, I'm just not that much of a fan of gloss but if you love gloss then this will be the most fun product you'll ever own. 

Metallic lips have been a trend which started off as a joke, well to me it seemed a bit of a joke. Then brands started releasing metallic liquid lipsticks and I was hooked. They weren't over the top with super chunky glitter (remember the 90's), so this beautiful lip kit had to be picked up. Both the liquid lipstick and lip liner are a beautiful bronze/rose gold shade and look gorgeous. They make your lips look fuller and the metallic isn't in your face. I love this combo and would recommend to anyone wanting to try the metallic lip trend but don't want to go over the top. Even though it is a gloss it isn't thick or sticky, just beautiful glaze, just means it doesn't last long on the lips. 

Another lip kit I know, but they are beautiful dupes to the Kylie lip kits. This shades is a nude pink shade and looks beautiful on the lips and is matte. Finally a matte lip kit, long lasting and definitely drys matte, though it does dry the lips out a little. There are a few shades available but doesn't seem to have enough nude shades as of yet to suit every skin tone, but don't let that sop you grabbing one of these lip kits.

An open highlight addict, so I had to grab these guys. I love them and they have been featured in dupe lists for Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star. I own two shades Peach Lights (a rose gold shade) and Golden Lights (a gold shade). They blend perfectly into the skin and look beautiful, with a bight glow. Though, I would say be careful not to over do it with Peach Lights as it can start to create a rose streak. But for a affordable glow, grab it.

OMG! A beautiful collection of liquid glow, and a good dupe for the Cover FX Enhancing Drops. The shades I own currently are Starlight (a pearl shade), Champagne (a light golden shade) and Gold (a gold shade). Beautiful drops that create a glamorous glow. Added to foundation to add an all over glow, or apply lightly on the cheek bones for that killer highlight. These drops are so versatile, you can use them for pretty much everything revolving around makeup. I can't wait to pick up more shades as they are just so beautiful. Definitely grab these and save money. 

Revolution Conceal and Define (£4)
A new concealer on the scene, that has had everyone talking. Picking it up on the day of release (not that I knew this), I didn't know what to expect. But I can honestly say that these little guys are everything. Full coverage and a wide range of shades to suit most if not all skin tones. With a doe foot applicator, it is super easy to apply. Being full coverage, it is not cakey and blends beautifully into the skin. I even use this when I do my cream contour, which I really want to get a darker shade to do my contour with. I love these little guys and I think that these are better than the Mac Prolongwear Concealer. If you spot these, give them a swatch and buy, buy, buy, you won't regret it.

These products are so beautiful and so are the others that I have put into my SFX kit. I cannot wait to try out more including their new foundation stick.

Stay Gorgeous

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5 Tips to Survive Final Year

As I am writing this, snow is coming down heavily and the wind is howling. I've got 2 months left of my final year of University and the end is in sight. And this final year has started tough, I'm not gonna lie I came into this final year thinking it would be a breeze and well it wasn't. Exams, coursework and dissertation took over most of my time and I had to time to do the thing I loved like blogging. After my first batch of exams were out the way and second semester started it was then when I realised I really need to get my butt in gear. Now that I am on top of everything and even have time to do the things I love I've compiled a few tips that I think will help you get through your final year.

Don't look at how long you have left!
This is a funny one and I'm not saying don't think ahead, I mean don't look how long you have until you finish. I started to do this and found myself panicking that I have very little time to do anything. Planning ahead helps, making sure your on top of course work and revision. Yes you don't have long to go, but trust me stop counting the days as you don't want that unnecessary stress in your final year.

Have fun and make memories!
You should have already been doing this throughout your time at Uni (or school). But, make the most of your last year, get together with friends every now and then, go out for dinner and have fun. Making this time with your fiends is so important as once you have graduated it becomes more difficult to connect and plan meet ups. But, make the experience worth while, some of these people may end up being friends for life, so don't left work get in the way of enjoying your time.

Be creative with course work!
I mean it, be creative! Make the work more enjoyable to do, used animation, sound, transitions and one of my favorites which I have started to used in my last semester Prezi (not sponsored but highly recommend). Presentations can be boring especially if its not something you really care about, so why not make it more interesting. Trust me the more interesting and interactive a presentation is the more you actually enjoy it and way to present it. Putting a little bit of imagination and effort into a presentation can make all the difference in your presentation style. Since starting my final year, I have found it so much easier to present without notes when I have had loads of impunt into the presentation. Trust me there is no point in putting together a basic presentation and being bord, as if everyone did that it would be a very boring lecture. 

Start revision early!
Sorry to say this but you need to start revision on the get go. It's not fun or enjoyable but you've gotta do it. In my first semester of my final year, I left revision to the end. Not a good idea! Seriously, I wish I had done little bits after every lecture as it would have made the revision easier. You'll find in your final year, you need to learn and remember a lot of stuff and as much as we prefer to revise nearer the time, it is in fact impossible to do. A lot of topics to cover and only so many hours in the day, you'll run out of time, burn your self out and won't have revised everything. You need to have that balance and schedule to ensure you stay on top of everything. So start please, you will need it.

Stay focused on YOU!
I mean it stay focused on you. there are people who will put pressure on you, will seem to prod and poke you, they will make you doubt yourself and your ability. It happens and unfortunately there are some people out there that will think you haven't tried or your grade is lower then theirs. Well it's time to focus on you! It's hard for me to follow this so I know how it feels, like you think your ok and then you will doubt whether you did enough. Well we need to stop, because YOU CAN do this, YOU CAN get that dream job, YOU WILL graduate and YOU WILL be AMAZING. Trust me be true to you and ignore the doubt because if you try your best, dreams will become reality, if you just keep dreaming and think you'll get nowhere then that is where you will stay. So BAN the HATER and walk down that hall for your degree like your walking a CATWALK, because baby you are a STAR!!!

Stay Gorgeous

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Jeffree Star Beauty || Review

After my last Jeffree Star review, I knew I was going to be getting a few more products. From then to now, I have picked up a few limited editions and some most wanted products. This brand is more on the highend spectrum and for us UKers we can only pick it up from one place, Beauty Bay. A great online beauty shop where you can get a few hard to get beauty bits. Anywho, this review isn't about Beauty Bay (even though I could go on and on), its about Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

One of my most wanted palettes since it's release, I finally got it. And the best part of all and the main reason why I picked it up was it was in the Black Friday sale (50% off)! It had to be done, you just can't miss an opportunity like that, my only sadness was I couldn't get the Androgyny palette as it was sold out (maybe next year). Firstly this is a large palette and the pans are huge for shadows, containing 10 beautiful shades. All super pigmented and blend beautiful into the skin and with shades that really pack a punch. It is a very bold palette for me, but I cannot tell you how beautiful and dramatic these shades look. You can create beautiful and dramatic eye looks without them looking too OTT. Along with great pigment and sizes, it comes with a big mirror and I'm pretty sure there are two shades in this palette that were the inspiration to some of the skin frosts. So you get a 2 for 1 with all that buck. Definitely worth purchasing and I cannot wait to get the other palettes.

LE Skin Frost in Uranus (£25.50)
The second highlight from the Jeffree Star X Manny MUA collaboration and it is beautiful. This highlight is one of my all time favorites and one I go to time and time again. The packaging is black with holographic font (you know I'm a holosexual) and a big mirror in the inside. Jeffree Star Skin Frosts are large pans, so you get a lot of product for the price which I love, and the shade is everything. This gives you a glow for the gods, and after figuring out why it had fall out, I am living for it. So, what I did wrong before was apply it to already powdered face, too much powder equals a lot of fall out (oops my bad). Light golden highlight which leaves you glowing for the gods, I just can't with this highlight. I will be so sad when it goes as it is limited Edition, but if you can find it grab it, you won't be disappointed.

Again with that highlight, huge pan and holo font. Perfect, and the shade inside is exquisite, a beautiful frosted pink shaded. I know pink right, well it isn't in your face pink (unless you pack it on high), it is a subtle pink with a beautiful frosted shine, giving you that  spring time glow. A beautiful product again if you can find it grab it.

Another edition of the Family Collection. When I saw this shade, I knew I had to have it. I love perfect almost blue toned reds. This liquid lip, offered long lasting matte coverage and I was living for it. It didn't disappoint when it arrived. The cap being different compared to the original collection, being the same as the Skin Frost casing, pale pink with holo font. It is such a beautiful shade that it is one of a few red shades which I own that I will wear out  of the house. Get it while you can as you will need this in your collection.

I know I know, yet another limited edition collection, but this has to be one of the most beautiful collections I have ever seen. Firstly they have me hooked with the holo packaging and then the tube is pale pink glitter with holo font. Breath because that is a whole lot of holo to take in. These were from the Holiday Collection 2017 and I live for this collection. The shades I picked up are Christmas Cookie and Human Nature. Christmas cookie is by far my favorite shade and one I wear on a daily basis, it is literally my lips but better. It is a beautiful neutral nude and smells and feels amazing on the lips. Human Nature is a more mauve nude shade, deeper and rich in color and again smells amazing. These are a must have in any beauty addicts collection, and perfect display pieces. 

LE Velour Liquid Lipstick in Butt Naked (£16)
Ok, I promise this is the last limited edition product and this is a strange one for me. From the Summer 2017 Collection, Butt Naked is a very pale pink nude shade. Very pigmented and on my skin tone does wash me out, but I didn't get it as an all over color, I got it to add that highlight effect to the lips. It works and looks incredible, making my lips look fuller and plumper. It is an unusual shade but a great product to create that full lip look.

Finally the main collection and two shades that I have had my eye on for a while and they were always out of stock. Gemini, a beautiful nude and Unicorn Blood, a deep rich red. Gemini was my go to shade before I picked up Christmas Cookie. it works great with my skin tone and we are a celestial match, being a Gemini also. Unicorn Blood is a very vampiresque shade and perfect for the fall and grunge looks. Both smell amazing, have high pigment, are matte and long lasting. They look flawless and don't make my lips feel dry. A* from me and would recommend these liquid lipsticks to anyone, there are so many shades to choose from that you are bound to find the shade for you.

Another beauty review down. I'm so glad to be back writing posts, but I am sorry for the photo heavy vibes. I am just living for these products that I want to show case them all.

Stay Gorgeous

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