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October Review

Wow November already, and I just heard on the news it's 7 weeks till Christmas. It feels like only yesterday we were enjoying summer with the sunshine and parakeets singing. Now the rain and cold is truly upon us as winter fast approaches. October has been a really enjoyable one, not only my favourite holiday but I also got to do some fun things.

If you follow me on Instagram (if not check me out), I have been posting all the fun things I've been lucky enough to do. Firstly, going to my first pick your own farm with actual pumpkins (very instagramer). I then got to go to the Warner Brothers Tour for Harry Potter in Watford. Getting to see all the sets, props, costumes and my favourite part, the special effects. It was so interesting to see and read all about the sets, cast and props. Then my man turned 31 and it was birthday celebrations for the day. I attended my 1st interview for my dream job (fingers crossed as I have the second interview next week).

Then we went to not 1 but 2 tv recordings, the first being Insert Name Here, with Sue Perkins, Josh Widicomb and Richard Osmon. It was funny and intellectual and at Pinewood Studios. The second and possibly the best one was Michael McIntyre's Big Show. This really is such a great laugh, with guest appearances from Rita Ora, Holly Willoughby, Christine Blackly and Dani Dyer (Love Island/Danny Dyer's daughter). It was a spectacular eventing and right next to Covent Garden.

Finally to top this month off we had the best holiday of the year, Halloween. Where I celebrated it at Screamland, and then up with my  uncle and aunts with my cousin. I have never bee  Trick or Treating before so it was fun to take my cousin out to do it, we even dressed up too. The houses looked fun, all made up with some very dedicated people. One person stood outside their house for several hours holding balloons to make the kids jump. Then there was a house who made it look like there were dead bodies on the lawn with smashed pumpkins to resemble heads and brains. Not to mention being there we got to see the puppies again, which were a lot bigger than they were in June.

All in all I have loved October. But now that it has waved goodbye, the Christmas countdown is now upon us. Though look out for details of a big giveaway I will be running in December, as 2 lucky people will win a bundle of beauty bits with a few of my must have favourite things.

Stay Gorgeous 

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Stila || Review

Stila is a brand which shot to the top when they produced the Kitten highlight. A beautiful duo worn wet and dry and is a complete cult classic and a huge contender in its day. It was one of the first products that I picked up that was influenced by other Bloggers and Youtubers. Since then I have been hooked on the brand and have managed to pick up a few products over the years. And with shops like TK Maxx selling Stila, it was inevitable that a purchase would be made soon. So lets get to it;

These palettes and perfect for travel and on the go looks. Designed with skin shades in mind these two palettes really do have it all. Filled with 4 eye shadows, 2 blushes and a highlight shade along with a big mirror, it is filled with a day to night look. The reason I have both shade ranges and for me personally, I like a few shades in one palette and some in the other. Which is why I would have liked it if there were 3 palettes instead of the two, just to combine a few of the shades in each palette (At the time of writing this they 4 palettes now available). Overall, these palettes look great and work really well, with the formula of the powders being smooth and bendable. Though I would go lightly on the blush shades as they can be a bit much and does take time to blend it out. 

I am a huge lover of concealer and I have strict requirements when it comes to the formula. It needs to be either creamy and glowing to add highlight or it needs to be high coverage and long lasting. This by far is up there with Mac Prolongwear Concealer, it is full coverage and really packs a punch when it lasts all day. At first glance it doesn't seem like much and it doesn't seem like you get a lot, but trust me this little guy goes a long way. A tiny amount can cover my under eye bags and any blemishes I may have. On my bad skin days this has been a huge lifesaver and a must have in anyone's makeup bag.

This foundation actually took me by surprise. Usually I go for thicker high coverage products and usually steer clear of anything with the word Aqua in it. I have oily skin and to me adding more oil or water to my skin freaks me out, but I thought I would just give this a go. Well, this really surprised me, a medium coverage foundation which corrects my skin tone and doesn't feel super wet. It drys reasonably well and the finish is a semi matte leaving a slight glow to the skin. The way the foundation is dispensed is via a pump which is really fun, and can be dropped straight on to the face or on to a brush or sponge. It blends in really well and is perfect for those no makeup natural face days.

Mermaid vibes all the way with this one. A product that was actually released with the thought of mermaids. A beautiful cream shadow which is duochrome, changing from pink to a purplish blue shade with hints of silver and green. Applied with a doe foot applicator, or transferred onto a brush or your finger, and dabbed onto the lids. Perfect for party season and the Halloween season just past, dabbed onto the centre of the lid for an extra dimension look. Definitely a must have for any makeup addicts or just mermaids/mermen in general. 

The kitten shade is one of the most sort after, and literally the shade of my dreams. I have the Kitten highlight, lip gloss and shadow, and the one that I was so desperate to get my hands on was the eye foil. Finally after years of waiting and searching, I finally picked it up at TK Maxx (for £4.99). It is beautiful, a rose gold champagne shade. It comes off as flakes straight out the pot, but does something more special when added to a small drop of solution. Mixed together it forms the most beautiful metallic cream, which can be applied on the lips, eyes and even as a highlight. Mainly used on the eye, this really adds dimension to the centre of the eye and a perfect sparkle for this festive season. A must have and one which I would buy again and again.

Stay Gorgeous

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Trick or Treat!

The day has come when all the ghouls and ghosts come out to play. And what a fun day it is, full of sweets fun and the occasional bobbing apple. With everyone getting dressed up it really is a fun filled event. And an amazing opportunity unleash your creativity and share your gruesome creation.

But with this days come some tales of scares. Some false and some true, and here are some essencial tips to keep you and/or your children safe.

1. Stick with family. Don't do it alone, sticking with someone older and as a group keeps you safe from getting lost and getting hurt.

2. Stick to the streets you know. Don't head out of your way to get those sweets, some areas might not be as friendly as the areas you know.

3. Be aware of dogs. Some might not be so friendly and might find this time of year very stressful.

4. Wrap up warm. It can get really cold and some costumes don't provide you with the best warmth. So put on some layers underneath.

5. Check the sweets before you eat them. It sounds silly, but there have been tales of food being tampered with, like brussle sprouts coated in chocolate and out of date food.

Finally be aware that there are some people who don't like this time of year and feel vunrable. So if they don't answer move on.

Stay safe and warm this halloween and unleash your inner monster.

Stay GOREgeous 

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Throughout the majority of the year Margate is peaceful and home to Dreamland. Yet during the season of Old Hallows Eve when the moon is up, Dreamland transforms into Screamland!

A night full of horror mazes and rides, with the odd actor here and there. Though, when you first arrive not all the rides are up and running but it gives you enough time to do the mazes and come out and enjoy the rides. And if you don't mind paying the prices you can even grab a bite to eat.

The mazes were a lot of fun, especially as I've never done anything like this before. The first maze was The Upside Down, based on the Netflix series Stranger Things. This is a permanent maze, minus the actors and strobe lights. It is a mirror maze and it is very disorienting. With the addition of strobe lights and actors it can be a thrill, just trying to find your way through is fun in itself. But don't worry too much about the actors there is one main rule, DON'T TOUCH THE ACTORS AND THEY WON'T TOUCH YOU!

The mazes on from that were temporary setups all under tents well "tents". They are actual physical structures just with tents over them to make them look pretty and spooky. There is a lot of low lighting which just adds to the suspense. We headed into HMS Mary Decomposed, which was a maze designed around a ghost ship. The interior is eery and has the look of an old rusted ship. I would even go as far as to say it smelt like an abandoned lost ship. With different characters everywhere you head it's a lot of fun. Though be weary they do come out of nowhere. Next was one of the most popular and actually turned from one maze into two. The first part being Dead and Breakfast. Greeted by a woman, who tells you about the hotel and it's sinister residents then the fun begins. With different characters in every room and some which you don't see coming. There is a small areas where you have to go between, what I can only describe as two large white balloons. So for the claustrophobic, it can be a little scary as if you going to get stuck and suffocate. Then the maze changes and you arrive at the Tunnels of Terror. The tunnels of Terror is filled with people wearing gas masks, some coming from nowhere and others firing air guns. Not those guns that shoot pellets, but just compressed air. The first time it happened I thought I'd been shot.

The mazes were good fun and a lot of laughs were had, especially at others expense. I didn't have much desire to check out the other mazes as the que system wasn't very fair and it was rather cold. So, we heading on some rides. My favourite by far was The Pendulum. As the name suggests, just like a pendulum it swings from side to side then completely over. While it's swinging it also gentle spins, meaning you get a different view and experience every time you go up in the air. And I nearly forgot, you sit facing outwards, so you don't see anyone other than the open space around you, a 360° view. The Drop Tower was one I have been waiting for since we saw it being built in June. A tall towering ride, which takes you up giving you an amazing view of the park and Margate as a whole. But it doesn't just take you up and drop you, it spins slowly as well giving you another 360° view. At night you can see all the light of the park and that night we were really lucky to have a full moon.

The night was so good and I will be doing it again next year, though with a few minor adjustments. First being, wrap up warm. It was so cold it felt like winter and the wind made it feel 10 times colder. Second, fast track. It does cost more but trust me they aren't as organised as a large theme park. It seemed that when we got to the front of the que we had to wait for a continuous stream of fast trackers. Which I usually don't mind, but it would have been nice to do a little bit of them and a little bit of us. What's more and a little insulting, when it was brought up with the guard, he just dismissed it by saying they pied money for it. Well an uproar started then as we all paid to get into Screamland and for some they just couldn't afford fast track.

It is a really good night and I have no doubt that more rides would have opened up a little later on. Just sadly we weren't fully prepared on how cold it was. Thanks again to my Aunt for taking me and we will be concurring it again.

Stay Gorgeous

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